Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Shower Decoration

Baby Bottle with silk flowers inside

Baby Shower Decoration

Frame with the meaning of Baby to be's name.

Baby Shower Decorations

This is a Frame with an ultrasound
image of the Baby.
A Poem of life was on the frame

Purple and Blue Angel Bear Diaper Cake

Construction Diaper Cake for Twin Boys

Father's Day Gift bag

Can't forget the gift bag.

We used the letter's that

were left from the Etching


Father's Day Card done by Daycare Kids

Done with Cricut, The Daycare

kids picked out what they wanted, and

then put the card together

Father's Day Gift from Daycare Kids

Done with Cricut, and Etching cream

Purple and Blue Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake Ingredients Tag

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Diaper Cake

Blue and Green Spring Ducky Diaper Cake

Purple Princess Diaper Cake

Easter Towel Cake

Christmas Towel Cakes

Towel Cakes

Rooster Towel Cake

2 L areg Bath Towels
2 Hand Towels
2 Kitchen Towels
2 Pot Holders
Fall Decorations

Towel Cakes

Olive Oil Towel Cake

2 Large Bath Towels
2 Hand Towels
2 Kitchen Towels
2 Pot Holders
2 Wooden Spoons
1 Set of Measuring Spoons
1 Olive Oil Bottle

Plastic Grapes for added look

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Wash Cloth Mints/Candy Rolls

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Wash Cloth Ice Cream Sundea

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Onesies Ice Cream Sodas.....

Baby Shower Decorations


Ice Cream Sundea (a Baby Wash Cloth inside) Ice Cream Soda (Baby Onesie inside)

Baby Wash Cloth Mints/Candy Rolls

Infant/Toddler Taggie Blankets

Taggie sizes and Prices.......

14"X6"-- $6.50

Prices, DO NOT include S&H

Infant/Toddler Taggie Blankets

Here are my "Taggie" Blankets.....

I can make Boy, Girl, or Unisex

Sizes and Prices.....

14"X6"-- $6.50


Incredible Homemade Delights/Diaper Cakes

I create the most precious, practical and unique baby gift for any new Mommy or Baby Shower. My Custom Made Diaper Cakes are skillfully created to light up any New Mommy's face or Baby Shower! These Beautiful Custom Made Diaper Cakes are the PERFECT centerpiece for your baby shower or nursery and as soon as the new bundle of joy arrives, it can be easily disassembled to use our premium diapers immediately. I use sizes 1-2 Pampers Huggies, or any other Brand you might want me to use.

My Custom Made Diaper Cakes make such an exquisite baby gift that will bring joy and excitement to any Mommy. All of my diaper cakes can be made to any size, theme or specification. All you have to do is provide me with a few details and you will have a stunning cake to match any nursery or baby shower theme. Regardless if you plan to give it as a gift, use them as decorative centerpieces, or are trying to achieve the WOW factor at an upcoming baby shower.... all of these Diaper Cakes are Custom Baked with skill and tender loving care.

I take the time necessary to carefully assemble each cake so that no Diapers are compromised and can be used and stored easily upon disassembly. I am so proud that each of my Diaper Cakes adds a beautiful and elegant touch to any room or baby shower. I am prouder still that each of my diaper cakes brings such happiness to new families.

So whether you need the perfect baby shower gift, table centerpiece, or even just a wonderful surprise to an expecting mommy… I CAN DO IT!
I do ask for at least 1 weeks notice, to the date needed.

Custom Made Diaper Cakes, come in 2, 3 or 4 tiers, and you tell me how much you want to spend, on your Custom Diaper Cake.....Check out my pictures of Cakes I have "Baked", in the past......

$60.00 Twin Girl Cake $50 Pink Stork Cake

$70 Yellow Ducky Cake
$60.00 Puprle Elegence Cake

$ 30 Blue Spring Cake

$75 (cake only)

These Diaper Cakes may Contain all or some of the listed Ingridents........
45-120 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
Brush and Comb set
Travel size J&J Baby Toiletries
1-2 Recieving and/or Large Blankets
Grooming Set
Baby Bottle hidden inside $45.00
Pacifier Blue Teddy
Booties Cake
Baby Wash Cloths
Teething toys
Stuffed Toy, or some kind of cute topper
Spoon Set

Pink Taggie Diaper Cake

Cake Ingredients.....
45 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
2 Large "Taggie" Blankets
1 set of Travel size Toiletires hidden inside
1 "Taggie" Baby Doll

Puppy Dog Diaper cake

Cake Ingredients....
45 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
2 Recieving Blankets
1 Pacifer
1 Bottle Brush
1 Comb and Brush set
2 Baby Wash Cloths
1 I Love mommy Bib
1 I Love Daddy Bib
1 Puppy Dog Taggie Blanket
1 Set of J&J Travel Toiletries
2 Teething Toys
1 Puppy Dog on top
1 Puppy Dog Print Onesies

Pink Spring Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake Ingredients......

45 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
1 Large Blanket
1 Receiving Blanket
1 Bib
1 Baby Wash Cloth
1 Baby Bottle hidden inside
1 Comb and Brush Set
1 Pacifier
Topped off with a Bouquet of Spring Flowers


Pink and Blue Diaper Cake

Pink and Blue Diaper Cake

Cake Ingredients.....

45 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
2 Wash Cloths pink/blue
1 I Love Mommy Bib
1 I Love Daddy Bib
Full size J&J Baby Powder, Lotion, and Baby Wash
1 Pair of White Booties
1 Large Blanket
2 Reciebing Blankets
1 PINK/BLUE Rattle Elephant
1 Comb and Brush set
1 Set od Teething toys
1 Pacifier
1 B0ttle hidden inside


Green Frog Bath Diaper Cake

Cake Ingredients.......

65 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
1 Green Bath Towel
1 Burp Cloth
1 Recieving Blanket
1 Comb and Brush set
1 Pacifier
1 set of Booties
1 Wash Cloth
1 Bath Water Thermomitor
1 full size set of Bath wash and Lotion
1 Frog Scrubber
1 Bottle


Incredible Homemade Delights

Cake Ingredients.....

120 Size 1-2 Pampers Diapers

3 Cherry print Recieving Blankets

1 Cherry print Bib

2 Pairs of Booties

1 Pacifier

Set of Burts Bees baby Toiletries

2 Baby Bottles


Pink Poodle Diaper Cake

Cake Ingedients....

3 Cherry Design Recieving Blankets

1 Cherry print Bib

2 pairs of Booties, pink & whiteAN> <DIV>1 set ofBurts Bees Baby Toiletries

1 Pink Poodle

2 Baby Bottles hidden inside


This is a blog site for all the Incredible Homemade Delights, that I have created.
This is my Construction Diaper Cake...
Cake Ingredients are.....
60 size 1-2 Pampers Diapers
1 Burp Cloth
1 Blue Bath Towel
1 Bath Towel
1 set of J&J Travel size Toiletiers
1 9oz. Baby bottle, hidden inside
1 Pacifier
1 Baby toy Truck
2 Oneies, in Construction print.